MindStein Program Components 




  • hands-on manipulatives to increase math understandings
  • group problem solving employing math and verbal skills
  • problem creation - application of mathematical insights
  • introduction of diverse ways to represent thinking
  • websites for reinforcement and enjoyment
  • strategy-thinking puzzles and games




  • controversial, ethical and moral dilemmas
  • diverse beliefs, attitudes and customs
  • developing insightful questions
  • critical thinking strategies 
  • debating techniques




  • inventive activities using Odyssey of the Mind format
  • fluency - generating many ideas
  • flexibility - finding new ways to think
  • originality - experiencing an idea for the first time
  • elaboration - extending or embellishing a concept




  • exploring individual learning preferences
  • adapting curricula to suit personal learning
  • creating and maintaining group cohesiveness  
  • effective communication of differing ideas/opinions
  • current brain research; observation of a real human brain



"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
Albert Einstein