MindStein Challenge Center 


Motivated students interested in experiencing group learning as a way of extending critical and creative thinking, while having fun, are welcome. This program is not intended to provide remediation for conventional curriculum. The MindStein Program introduces enrichment that goes beyond grade expectations, so requires students to be prepared to think (or to be ready to learn to think better). Some students with learning challenges will benefit greatly from this non-conventional approach to learning, but students with serious cognitive limitations would find the pace and content frustrating. If you are not sure if this program would be advantageous for your child, please outline your questions and concerns in an e-mail so we can set up a time for an interview. All queries or comments will be responded to ASAP.

Games Resources

Barbara and her sister, a math consultant in Delta, build strategy-thinking, award winning games from around the world. The power of play is frequently under-estimated; a great deal of learning can take place while having fun. Students can bring home some games to share with their families. Some benefits of thinking games are to: 


  • develop powers of observation
  • practice concentration
  • promote pattern awareness
  • encourage planning ahead
  • build social relations
  • have fun


A collection of award-winning novels, and other interesting resource books, are available for MindStein clients to borrow for home use.


MindStein Center is located on the ground level of a home bordering on a Coquitlam forest. It has three large rooms, a solarium, and washroom facilities to accommodate small groups of students and store vast quantities of exciting educational resources.