Barbara Johnson Biography 


Barbara150.jpgBarbara designed and delivered programming for elementary age Advanced Learners in the Burnaby School District for twenty-three years. During the last four years of her public school career she also served as the Burnaby District Resource for Advanced Learners.

Barbara has spent many years specializing in gifted education and math, as well as having degrees in education, psychology, and masters work in counseling. The students in her Challenge Program at Seaforth School have shown outstanding performance on National Math Contests for many years. In 2004, the Seaforth Grade 7 math team was first in Canada on the Canadian National Math League Contest, out of 500+ participating schools. Many competing teams are from private schools and gifted academies.  

Both Critical and Creative Thinking are included in the MindStein Program. Barbara has been involved with Odyssey of the Mind since the mid 80’s. She has been a coach, judge, trainer of coaches, and workshop presenter for Odyssey. Creative thinking activities used at the MindStein Center reflect the Odyssey of the Mind spontaneous problem solving model.

A background in psychology and counseling are invaluable assets when dealing with Advanced Learners. Some of these students experience confusion and frustration related to their learning dispositions. At the MindStein Center we explore individual preferences, proclivities, and practical ways to use this knowledge to enhance learning.

When motivated students are given opportunities to explore together and share ideas, powerful learning results. The rich problems presented to the students can be solved in a variety of ways. It extends the repertoire of each student to see the diversity of solutions generated by a group.


MindStein Programs help students improve thinking skills, develop creativity, increase self-understanding, and develop greater self-confidence. This allows students to extend their comfort zone in taking risks intellectually and socially, as well as encouraging resourcefulness and autonomous learning.


"Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived
  as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty."  Albert Einstein