MindStein Vision 



MindStein Center provides an environment where participants are:

·        challenged with content commensurate with their abilities

·        appreciated for individuality, humor, creative ideas, and even unusual quirks

·        encouraged to take intellectual and social risks

·        recognized for behaviours that contribute to group effectiveness

·        expected (and required) to treat each other respectfully

The Power of Group Learning 

Students need a safe, accepting environment to be willing to take intellectual and social risks. Opportunities to explore with a group makes learning exciting, helps to develop confidence in academic abilities, and extends the thinking repertoire and strategy base available to each individual in the group. Learning is significantly extended when competent students share ideas, if the content is adequate to support profound thinking.

And There's More... 

·        development of new friendships

·        enhancement of all modes of communication skills

·        opportunities for leadership and character development

·        appreciation of the power generated from developing positive community

·        a forum to share personal ideas and interests with other thoughtful students  


            “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
            Albert Einstein