Summer Schedule


Fees are payable in advance.
Missed classes are not refundable. 
Each summer session runs for five consecutive days, from 9:00 to 1:00
Arrive early, from 9:00, for unstructured time to play with other participants.
The cost for five days is $250, including tax.
Bring a snack for a nutrition break.

Groups are loosely arranged with age / grade placement as a consideration.
If students have academic aptitudes significantly beyond their age, contact
Barbara to discuss an appropriate group placement.

Each weekly session is limited to a maximum of 8 participants.
Register early to benefit from learning new ways to think effectively.
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  Local amenities for drivers:

    •    one block to strip mall and bus stop
    •    five minutes to library, pool, exercise center, tennis courts, kiddy playgrounds
    •    ten minutes to Coquitlam Center or Lougheed Mall`
    •    2 blocks to Mundy Park, 435 acres of trails, 2 lakes, outdoor pool, sports fields,
picnic areas, kiddie playground…


MindStein's Summer Program 

A day at MindStein starts with puzzles, games, construction, or just conversation. The opening half hour (9:00 – 9:30), before the structured program begins, allows time for students to select their own activities and get to know each other. A MindStein goal is to encourage and support positive ways of interacting.  

Most activities are based on exploratory, hands-on, discovery learning. We frequently use group problem solving for math and logic challenges, requiring input from all team members to arrive at solutions. Group effectiveness and cohesiveness are important benefits inherent in the process.

Strategy thinking games develop observation, concentration, ability to plan ahead, social skills ~ all while having fun. PLAY is a powerful educational tool; we capitalize on the immense amount of learning possible when playing award-winning games.

Literature is selected for more than entertainment value; stories must have issues worth discussing. Critical thinking is a MindStein focus, so most of our interactions are oral rather than written. This gives students of similar academic aptitude opportunities to share ideas. Work done on paper is accumulated in a binder that is provided, and taken home at the end of the week. During the last half hour on Friday, families are invited to an open house to learn new games, discuss activities in the binder, and hear from their child about the week’s adventures.

Creative thinking activities are based on Odyssey of the Mind and Destination Imagination resources. MindStein’s woodland setting is perfect for outdoor problem solving, nature searches, and treasure hunts.

The week’s program is designed on a day-to-day basis, reflecting the current understandings and interests of the students in the group. Eight is the maximum number of participants accepted for the week. Extensive experience working with advanced learners, and a vast store of resources allows for the creation of unique programs. Five days at the MindStein Summer Program will provide students with unusual and exciting adventures in academic, creative, and social learning.

Barbara Johnson
Gifted Consultant